Is it really devlog? Log #0

                I have already started with wannabe developing my own game, so why dont make a devlog about it? What game? Well I will get to that later. A better question is, how does even look some devlog? That was my first thought when I finally wanted to pour the letters into the document... After a while spent on the internet, looking for devlogs, I decided that I am not going to draw inspiration from internet and make it simple. There are two conclusions. Either this is also a way how to do it or it will arise something very strange and weird. I will be contented with both, because it means I prevail over my procrastination and finally stopped holding off writing a devlog. But when does my wannabe devlog come into existence, is another question.

Important remark is, that this is NOT a tutorial of how to make a game or programming! It's only a description of how I'm making a game. By no means is my code elegant nor optimized, and I consider myself as a beginner and amateur in programming. Also my english skill are limited. Any ideas or suggestion are accepted.

But I need to start somewhere, right? :)