Altos? Sounds good. Log #1

                As I mentioned it is not usual devlog, so I won't start with concept art, which I did not dedicate myself much anyway. More like not at all than "much". But I would like to summarize what is it about and what are my aims and/or goals. Yes there is more of them, to be honest I am not quite sure how far I am gonna be able to reach. To be precise it is very long process full of big sections which are composited of small checkpoints. How far am I in the process right know? I would say somwhere between 0.1 and 1%. That's still more than 0.

                Anyway, to the point... What is Altos, and how did it come into being? I have always wanted to make my own game and I have been playing many games, especially RPGs. And this genre is my favorite, so i decided to make one. With engine which offers Unity 3D, my humble knowledge of programming and also with help of 3D studio Blender, slowly but surely comes into being 3D top-view RPG inspired by many games of this kind. Many elements from Diablo, Lionheart Legacy of Crusader, Fable, Skyrim, Warframe and others, although my concept contains also lots of new elements. I can humbly say, they are definitely interesting. I am not going to reveal the game system at the beginning. Even though the concept is quite clear, anything can change through the process. And because I started with game developing few months earlier than my devlog, I am going to pretend I dont have anything done yet.