Starting from scratch, how else! Log #2 (Blender)

          I have never been an upholder of using something that already made someone else. Unfortunately in the world of development of games it works the opposite way. Well, maybe in the case where a single developer does everything by himself. Usually a game is created by a huge teams of developers, grpahics, designers, artists, etc...To a certain extent I am all of it. I need to be. Those times, when I have tried to create my own engine are gone. Its useless to spend a lot of time on developing an engine, which would take years to complete and optimize, when I can use already optimized tools. Good for me. Took me a long time to convince my stubbornness.

Where to begin? Well it would be useful to make some system in development. I proceed as follows;

I will create basic scene, which will be also the main menu. Instead of buttons there will be portals into which character will enter. Purpose of this scene is to create general elements of the game in one place. By general elements I mean player movement - click to move navigation, camera movement and control (following the player or not), lights and some of the simple AI.

Of course if player could move there has to be some ground. And also 'he' has to exist. First step is to create a terrain. I choose floating island in space similar to universe, some sort of inter-dimensional space.




Simply extruded few points out of cylinder and edited by proporcional editing. And I always prepare my models to UV mapping - those red lines along the mesh.

Another step is the character. For my purposes is simple low poly model enough. There is a need to rig the model and also animate it. Therefor I am not goint to spend too much time on modeling. The rig I can use for other skeletons later.




There is rigging and animation... To rigging i use Blender plugin Rigify.




I will animate the character with all moves that are goint to be used. So in one timeline I have attack, run and idle. In Unity individual animations will be separated by frames to single clips.



There are two options how to get the character into Unity. Either I can save the .blend file into the assets, or export the .fbx file. Main difference is, that the .blend file contains all scene objects, and that is undesirable. Exporting to the .fbx has the advantage of selectivity of the objects, which means I export only objects I have selected in scene. In this case, the rig with the animation and the character mesh.

First couple of logs will be probably just brief. As I said i have already done something, so I dont want to construe all details. But I promise, details will be described in later phase of development. Any questions I can answer in comments.